The Latin American Critiques Program is an initiative for promoting the knowledge production on critical thought in Latin America from its origins to the contemporary reflections. The project develops research projects, academic events and workshops on Latin American studies, history of the critical thought, Latin American critical thinkers, colonialism and postcolonial studies, cultural critique, critical theory and political struggles.

The principal aims of the Program are:

  • Investigate the relationships between critical theories and thinkers about and from Latin America. The results are published as articles in scientific journals and working progress papers.
  • Coordinate conferences and workshops with critical thinkers on Latin American in different countries. The events share the critical thought in Latin America with students, teachers, and scholar.   
  • Publish a collection of books in printed and digital editions about the work of Latin American critical thinkers and theories. 

The project is working on the Chilean Chair of Latin American Critical Thought, coordinated by Felipe Lagos Rojas and Tomas Peters.