The Latin American Observatory on Memories ( is a research network focused on the study of social memory in Latin America. Its aim is to disseminate and share information and knowledge about memory in post-conflict societies such as human rights violations, dictatorships, and national and transnational commemorations. 

Coordinated by Javier González Arellano. Universidad Carlos III of Madrid (Madrid, Spain).

The aims of the Observatory are:

  • Manage and share information and knowledge with citizens and researchers about Latin American social memory. The website shows the activities of the network through news, articles, and books.
  • Coordination of events, conversations and conferences on social memory in Latin America from a global approach. Through study groups and public activities, the network provides a dialogue among researchers and members.
  • Create an academic debate on the social memory in each Latin American country. One of the observatory’s aims is to establish institutional relations with different organizations.

Adjunct Researchers

Leonor Abujatum. Researcher of the Latin Memories Research Program (Santiago, Chile)

Marco Ensignia. Director of the Latin Memories Research Program IIPSS (Santiago, Chile)

Alfredo Joignant. Professor of political science at the Universidad Diego Portales (Santiago, Chile)

Pablo Leighton. Coordinator of Latitudes, Latin American Research Group, Australia (Sydney, Australia)

Fernando López. Coordinator of Latitudes, Latin American Research Group, Australia (Sydney, Australia)

Katherine Roberts Hite. Professor of Political Sciences in the Frederick Ferris Thompson Chair of the Vassar College in Poughkeepsie (New York, United States)