The Observatory for Media Pluralism ( is digital platform open to citizens, journalists, policy makers, politicians, and researchers interested in relations between mass media, democracy, and public knowledge. The aims of the initiative are studying and promote the media pluralism as a democratic value from a Latin-American perspective. Its activities cross the boundaries between Chile and Australia in the first stage of the project.

Coordinated by Carlota González Aparicio. Universidad de Chile (Santiago, Chile)

The Main objectives of the project are:

  • Monitor the journalistic and academic content on media pluralism. The activities of monitoring consist in the register of information on different Digital Medias and Websites. The bilingual search (Spanish and English) include materials such as data, news, and documents.
  • Research the situation of Medias around the world from an analytical approach and interdisciplinary methods. The studies, documents, and reports are designed for systematizing the information allowing the open access to the knowledge of media pluralism.
  • Promote the creation of National Monitors of Media Pluralism in the countries characterized by low levels of democratic features related such as in journalism, media system, public opinion and public space. In the first stage of the project, our emphasis is on Latin America and Chile in particularly.

Adjunct Researchers

Nicolás del Valle Orellana. Director of the Media Pluralism Research Program IIPSS (Berlín, Alemania)

Bastián Fernández. Journalist fo the Media Pluralism Observatory IIPSS (Berlín, Alemania)

Bastián González-Bustamante. Adjunct Professor and Research Associate at University of Santiago of Chile (Santiago, Chile)