Pablo Leighton. Adjunct Researcher at Latin American Observatory on Memories IIPSS, and Coordinator of Latitudes, Latin American Research Group, Australia. His research has focused on the concept and practices of propaganda in the 20th century and current media, and specifically on the history of audiovisual culture in Chile and Latin America since the 1970s. He has taught at diverse universities in Australia, United States, Chile and Honduras, and has worked as a film director, screenwriter, and editor in several fictions and documentary productions (see his film work here). He co-edited with Fernando López the book 40 years are nothing: History and memory of the 1973 coups d’etat in Uruguay and Chile (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK), a selection of works presented at the October 2013 seminar 40 years are nothing. Editor of The Down/South Archive, a digital historiography of the politico-cultural relations between Australia and Latin America since the 1970s. He has presented at Latitudes events in 2013, 2014 and 2015. He holds a Ph.D. in Media and Cultural Studies from Macquarie University, Sydney, and in Latin American Studies from Universidad de Santiago de Chile. He also has a Master of Fine Arts in Filmmaking from Massachusetts College of Art (Boston, USA).