IIPSS Foundation

The International Institute for Philosophy and Social Studies (IIPSS) is a nonprofit foundation whose purpose is the production and development of critical thinking in philosophy and social sciences, through the public discussion between different actors of culture, civil society, and the State. It was founded in 2017, bringing together researchers and academics from the philosophy and social sciences.

Our team and the first directory are chaired by the political scientist Hernán Cuevas. Currently, the Institute has its offices in the cities of Santiago in Chile and Berlin in Germany.

About our President

Hernán Cuevas Valenzuela is a Chilean researcher, Ph.D. in the Government Department of the University of Essex (United Kingdom) and M.Phil. in Cultural Studies at the University of Birmingham (United Kingdom). He studied History and Aesthetics at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and he completed a Master in Political Science. Currently, he is the main researcher for the Fondecyt project “New Studies of Citizenship: History, Transformations and Space” (Fondecyt No. 1150788) sponsored by the University of Concepción. He has published articles in different specialized journals and chapters in academic books. His research interests are politics and culture of Latin America; democratization and development; labor relations and union movement; citizenship and political elites; post-structuralism and post-Marxism; qualitative methodologies and discourse analysis. Hernán Cuevas Valenzuela is married and is the father of two daughters.