Julieta Brodsky. Social and cultural anthropologist from the University of Granada, Spain, graduated in Promotion and Management of Cultural Rights from the University of Buenos Aires. She served as Minister of Cultures, Arts, and Heritage in Chile from 2022 to 2023. She was the Director of Research at the Observatory of Cultural Policies (OPC) (2011- 2022) and founded the Cultural Association Tramados. She played a leading role in the OPC activities within the Trama Project: Network of Cultural Workers (2014- 2017), particularly in research, methodologies, workers’ rights, associativity, and proposals for public policy. She is a co-author of published studies such as “The Scenario of the Cultural Worker in Chile The Role of Public Policies in the Working Conditions of Musicians in Chile”; “How is Theater Sustained in Chile”; as well as the document Agenda Trama: Recommendations for the development of the arts in Chile; She has led numerous research, training, and advisory projects for local, regional, national, and international governments and organizations, focusing on diagnosing and developing cultural policies. Her interests have revolved around labor conditions and economic organizational modes within the cultural field, cultural and community participation processes, and Cultural Rights.