Miguel Vatter. Professor of Political Science, School of Social Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Ph.D. in Philosophy from the New School for Social Research. He has been a professor in departments of political science and philosophy in North America and Chile and visiting professors in Germany and China. He works in the areas of political theory and contemporary philosophy. He has published The republic of the living: Biopolitics and the critique of civil society (Fordham University Press, 2014); Machiavelli’s The Prince. A Reader’s Guide (Bloomsbury, London, 2013); Constitucion y resistencia. Ensayos de teoria democratica radical (Ediciones Universidad Diego Portales, Santiago, Chile, 2012); Between Form and Event. Machiavelli’s Theory of Political Freedom (Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht/Boston, 2000). Also he is editor of several books of political philosophy such as The Government of Life: Foucault, Biopolitics, and Neoliberalism, edited with Vanessa Lemm (Fordham University Press, 2014); Crediting god: Sovereignty and religion in the age of global capitalism (Fordham University Press, 2011); Política y acontecimiento, edited with Miguel Ruiz Stull (Fondo de Cultura Economica, Santiago, Chile, 2011); Hannah Arendt: sobrevivir al totalitarismo (LOM, Santiago, Chile, 2008). His current areas of research and publication are Machiavelli, Kant, republicanism, biopolitics, and political theology. He is co-founder and director of a biopolitics research network, www.biopolitica.org.