The Institute is a transnational research network dedicated to the inquiry on social life from pluralistic perspectives, interdisciplinary methods, and critical theoretical frameworks. The Institute was founded in 2015 in Berlin Germany with the aim of producing social public knowledge across the continental boundaries to the global world. It fosters the relationships between different research organizations like study groups, research centers, research departments, and universities schools by digital projects, academic events, joint research projects, and collective publications.

Currently, the Institute focuses on global transformations of the world system, studies of the public sphere and social change, circulation of knowledge in the information society, biopolitics and new technologies over life, food culture and contemporary arts, creative and cultural industries, urban life and cities in complex societies, and social memory in post-conflict contexts. The members are from Australia, Chile, Germany, United States, and United Kindom, but also are being contacted other countries such as Argentina, Mexico, and Spain.

The institute is supported by the private effort of the members and it is searching for grants and fundings of international institutions which promote the common knowledge, democracy, and global interconnection. It develops a set of social projects for share and improves the knowledge impacts produced by the organization’s members. The research programs are structured in training and study groups of professors and students, observatories on global affairs, networks constituted by scholars and researchers, chairs on contemporary thought, and philosophical and social research projects.

Today the institute is in the cities of Berlin in Germany and Santiago of Chile. If you want more information about our activities, please send us an e-mail to