Are you an undergraduate student looking for a place to do your professional internship? Are you a recent graduate interested in volunteering to learn about how an organization dedicated to research, education, and public policy advisory works? The International Institute for Philosophy and Social Studies is opening its call for internships and professional practices for 2024.

The International Institute of Philosophy and Social Studies, based in Santiago, Chile, is pleased to invite undergraduate students and graduates from social sciences and humanities disciplines, such as journalism, political science, international studies, sociology, anthropology, or other related fields, to apply for internships and professional practices available at the institution for 2024.

The internship and professional training program aims to develop the skills of students and recent graduates interested in participating in professional activities dedicated to research in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences. The program hopes to provide learning opportunities in areas necessary for any student and professional in the process of knowledge production, such as organizing academic and community engagement activities, public communications and knowledge management, project design and research assistance, and management and coordination of plans and programs, among others.

The professional practice will have a minimum duration of four months, up to a maximum of six. Both the start and end dates must be defined on an individual basis, taking into account the needs of IIPSS and the regulations of the intern’s university of origin.

The call for applications will be available until March 22, 2024.

For more information, download the program document here (Spanish version).