Felipe Lagos Rojas. Coordinator of the Chair of Latin American Critical Thought. He is Sociologist and holds a Master in Latin American Studies from the University of Chile and Ph.D. candidate in Sociology at Goldsmiths College (London, United Kingdom). His Ph.D. research dealt with the emergence and development of a distinctive Latin American Marxism. His research interests include Marxist Theory, Sociology of Culture and Cultural Studies, with a special focus on Latin American processes, intellectual currents, and epistemological debates. He has taught at both undergraduate and graduate levels in programs of sociology, history, and cultural studies of different Chilean institutions, as well as in the Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar (La Paz, Bolivia). Coordinator since 2014 of the stream ‘Latin American Marxism(s)’ for the Conference Historical Materialism, annually holds in London. Member since 2016 of the editorial team of Pleyade. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences. Coordinator of the working group ‘Ideas and Intellectuals in Latin America’ for the IX Chilean Congress of Sociology to be held in Talca in 2016. He is currently coordinating a book on the current situation of the working class in Chile.