Nicolás del Valle Orellana. Political Scientist. Ph.D. candidate in Philosophy. Currently, he is Guest Researcher at the Ibero-American Institute in Berlín, Germany, and Editor in Chief of Pléyade. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences ISSN 0718-655X / e-ISSN 0719-3696 in Santiago of Chile. Also, he is editor of the books “La actualidad de la crítica. Ensayos sobre la Escuela de Frankfurt” (Metales Pesados: Santiago de Chile, 2015) and “Las transformaciones de la esfera pública en el Chile neoliberal: luchas sociales, opinión pública ypluralismo informativo” (RIL Editores: Santiago de Chile, 2016). He was President and Research Associate of the Centre for Political Analysis and Research in Chile during 2010-2013. He has been Visiting Fellow in the School of Humanities and Languages of the University of New South Wales in Australia, and Guest Professor in the Centre for Artistic Research in Argentina. In Chile, he was Associate Professor of Political Sciences at the Central University of Chile, and Coordinator of the Globalization and Democracy Chair at the Universidad Diego Portales. His current research interests are the critical theory in philosophy and social sciences.