“Diálogos Virulentos” is a moment of conversation with various people linked to the academic and political field.

The objective is to enable a critical dialogue about those events and drifts which characterise contemporary society.

Ep_4 Diálogo con Tomás Peters:

We talked about his work and his new book “Sociología(s) del arte y de las Políticas Culturales”. Furthermore, we analyse the relevance of art and the street as a political and creative space in the context of the Chilean revolt of 18-O and its relationship with the current pandemic situation.

Ep_3 Diálogo con Felipe Torres:

On this occasion, we discussed Acceleration and Historical Time, which allowed us to enter into an exciting reflection on the current times we are living in connection with the pandemic.

Ep_2 Diálogo con Valeria Campos:

This dialogue was focused on food, mainly in its power at different levels of social life. Also, reflecting on it as a theme and logic.

Ep_1 Diálogo Con Rodrigo Karmy:

The conversation covered some interesting aspects related to the global character of the WHO (World Health Organization), its development in Chile, and a geopolitical role that —in Karmy’s opinion— reveals itself before the Coronavirus pandemic.