Carlos Casanova Pinochet. Ph.D. in Philosophy with a major in Aesthetics and Art Theory from the University of Chile (Conicyt). He has worked as a professor of modern and contemporary philosophy in different universities. He is currently a professor at the Philosophy Department of the Metropolitan University of Education Sciences (UMCE).  He participates as a member of the Orientalism and Biopolitics research workshop of the Arab Studies Center of the University of Chile. His main fields of research are political philosophy, political economy, and aesthetics, especially the analysis and reflection on the processes of subjectivation and the relationship between imagination and politics. He is the author of the books Estética y Producción en Karl Marx (Santiago de Chile: Metales Pesados, 2017) y Comunismo de los sentidos. Una introducción a Karl Marx (Viña del Mar: Editorial Catálogo Libros, 2017).