Rodrigo Karmy Bolton. Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Chile. Professor and researcher in the Center for Arab Studies of the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities, University of Chile. He is also professor of the seminar “contemporary Arab world” in the undergraduate program of international relations at the University of Santiago, Chile. He is editor of the books “Políticas de la interrupción. Ensayos sobre Giorgio Agamben” (Escaparate: Santiago de Chile, 2011), and “Biopolíticas gobierno y salud pública. Miradas para un diagnóstico diferencial” (Editorial Ocho Libros: Santiago de Chile, 2014). His last book is entitled “Políticas de la ex-carnación. Para una genealogía teológica de la biopolítica” (Editorial UNIPE: Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2014). His research interest includes Averroism and Averroes thought, political theology and modernity, following the work of Michel Foucault, Giorgio Agamben, and others. He has published several articles in Chile, Argentina, Spain and Brazil.