“Capitalism in Times of Crisis”

January 25 – 29, 2021 – Santiago de Chile

The worlds’ pandemic has made visible, once again, the deep, multidimensional capitalist crisis we are living in; a crisis that is simultaneously economic and ecologic, cultural and civilizational, productive and reproductive. The increasing precarity of living conditions for the great majorities on the one side, and the last decades’ neoliberal violence on the other, have been seeds for anti-capitalist resistance and organization in the Americas.

The current cycle of mobilization has actualized in the collective imaginary the persistence of structural class divisions confirmed everywhere from public policies to the labor market to the dramatic social, economic and human costs. The re-emergence of this imaginary has been nurtured by different currents of Marxism. Especially through social reproduction theory, Marxist feminism has expanded classic Marxist thought and allowed for the inclusion of different struggles in a unitary theory. Eco-Marxism has burst into with a sharp critique to overproduction and climate change, capitalist effects that perpetuate and stress capitalist extractivism, while black and decolonial Marxisms have reinterpreted both, the relationship between capitalism and racism, and functions of state apparatuses such as prisons.

 In these critical circumstances, the call to this first version of the Conference Historical Materialism in our region is framed by an interrogation about the social and historical conditions for a Marxist reflection from Latin America. It is especially inspiring to host such an event in Santiago de Chile, in a time in which we reach 50 years from the Unidad Popular project.

We are receiving abstracts on the following broad themes:

  • About Marx, Marxism, Marxisms: general and regional debates
  • Critique of the Capitalist Political Economy: work, labor, value, accumulation
  • Domination and resistance: Marxism and the critique of power and the state
  • Marxist critique of the multidimensional capitalist crisis
  • ¿What is to be done? Strategic debates for the new millennia

To mention only a few examples, all the streams receive abstracts that: discuss or problematize Marxism in philosophical, economic, historic, aesthetics, political, psychological and ecological terms;  dialogue with paradigms such as feminism, antiracism, decolonization, ecologist or ‘post’ thought; make visible the creative reception and appropriations of Marxist thought in   Chile  and other Latin American territories;  discusses central contemporary issues around extractivism, the financialization of life, justice and social control, social reproduction, care crisis, progressive movements and new rights; and  identify and propose main social and political challenges such as destituent and constituent processes,  democratic transformations, climate catastrophe, global economic crisis, prison abolitionism, and different forms of popular and class organizations towards a revolutionary project.

Formal Aspects

  • Abstracts of presentations must be sent in word format (.doc, .docx), in an attached file to the email We receive questions about this call in the same email address.
  • The official language of the conference is Spanish, although abstracts will also be received in English. We regret that we do not yet have the capacities to adequately consider the multiplicity of languages ​​that inhabit Abya Yala.
  • The abstract of the presentation must have: (1) a title; (2) the name of the person(s) presenting; (3) between 400 and 600 words in which the proposal is explained; and (4) the indication of the corresponding thematic line and/or topic.
  • The Editorial Committee reserves the right to reject proposals and/or relocate them on lines other than those suggested by their authors.
  • The deadline for the abstracts’ reception is on October 31, 2020.
  • The abstracts’ selection will be informed in mid-November, 2020.

Further information soon in the following websites: and


International Institute for Philosophy and Social Studies, IIPSS

 Organizing Committee

Valentina Álvarez L. – Nicolás Fleet O. – Francisca Gómez B. – Felipe Lagos R. – Patricio Olivera Z.

Tomás Peters N. – Cristian Pozo M. – Bárbara Sepúlveda H.– Nicolás del Valle O. – Lieta Vivaldi M.

 Editorial Committee

  • Pablo Abufom. Revista de Debate Estratégico.
  • Carlos Azócar. Universidad de Santiago de Chile.
  • Jorge Budrovich. Universidad de Valparaíso.
  • Ricardo Camargo. Universidad de Chile
  • Alondra Carrillo. Grupo de Estudios Feministas / Coordinadora Feminista 8M.
  • Alejandra Castillo. Universidad Metropolitana de Ciencias de la Educación.
  • Hernán Cuevas. Universidad Austral de Chile / IIPSS.
  • Pierina Ferretti. Fundación Nodo XXI.
  • Sebastián Fierro.
  • Bosco González. Universidad de Tarapacá / Universidad Arturo Prat.
  • Susana González Guzmán. Revista Trama.
  • Camila Guerrero. Asociación de Abogadas Feministas Chile.
  • Mónica Iglesias. Universidad de Valparaíso.
  • Gonzalo Jara. Centro de Estudios del Pensamiento Iberoamericano, Universidad de Valparaíso.
  • Dasten Julián. Universidad Católica de Temuco.
  • Claudio Lara. Universidad Católica del Maule.
  • Carlos Lincopi. Revista Marxismo & Revolución.
  • Sebastián Link. Johns Hopkins University.
  • Daniela López. Fundación Nodo XXI / Estudio jurídico AML Defensa de Mujeres.
  • Pedro Lovero. Grupo de Pensamiento Crítico y Memoria Histórica.
  • Manuel Loyola. Revista Izquierdas.
  • Luis Fernando de Matheus. Instituto de Ciencias de la Tierra, Universidad Austral de Chile.
  • Germán Mondragón. Universidad Intercultural Sur Andino.
  • Cristián Peña Madrid. Revista Marxismo & Revolución.
  • Domingo Pérez. Observatorio Huelgas Laborales / Revista Espacio y Sociedad.
  • Pablo Pérez. Universidad Alberto Hurtado.
  • Javiera Petersen. Observatorio de Políticas Económicas.
  • Ismael Puga. Universidad Central de Chile.
  • Pablo Pulgar. Universidad de Santiago de Chile.
  • Claudio Rodríguez. Universidad de Santiago de Chile / Instituto de Ciencias Alejandro Lipschutz.
  • Beatriz Silva. Revista Heterodoxia.
  • Alejandra Solar. Revista Actuel Marx Intervenciones.
  • Tomás Torres. Universidad Católica Cardenal Silva Henríquez.
  • Miguel Valderrama. Universidad de Chile.
  • Roberto Vargas. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso.
  • Paula Vidal. Universidad de Chile / Red de Defensa de la Humanidad Chile.
  • Lidia Yáñez. Revista Actuel Marx Intervenciones / Coordinadora Feminista 8M.