Without East nor West, where do we stand to understand Afghanistan’s crisis? Interview with Rodrigo Karmy.

Entrevista a Rodrigo Karmy

To talk about the Afghanistan crisis and try to understand what is happening today in the Middle East is quite complex but with the perspective of Rodrigo Karmy, the Universidad de Chile PhD in Philosophy, professor at the Centre for Arab Studies at the same university and researcher at the IIPSS. It is easier, not only because of his background, but also because of his invitation to question everything and to look beyond the East-West axis. But how would that look like?

Marxism and Feminism: tension, misunderstanding or combination? – Interview with Valentina Álvarez (Part I).

Entrevista a Valentina A.

Feminism and Marxism: two dichotomous theoretical currents? Why has a distance been established between these currents? For Valentina Álvarez, doctor in sociology, gender expert and researcher at the International Institute of Philosophy and Social Studies (IIPSS), this tension is related to a restricted interpretation of Marxist theory, which does not allow us to see the contributions made by the Marxist feminist perspective in current discussions.

Historical Materialism Chile Conference, January 26 – 29, 2021 (online)

“Capitalism in Times of Crisis” Historical Materialism Chile Conference January 26 – 29, 2021 – Santiago de Chile Conceptual Note The worlds’ pandemic has made visible, once again, the deep, multidimensional capitalist crisis we are living in; a crisis that is simultaneously economic and ecologic, cultural and civilizational, productive and reproductive. The increasing precarity of living conditions for the great majorities on the one side, and the last decades’ neoliberal…

Judith Butler’s conference on non-violence and equality in times of pandemic

We are delighted to invite you to the first season of the series “State of exception-exception of the State: conversations about the social revolt and the pandemic”, organized by the Centre of Studies of Applied Ethics (CEDEA) of the Facultad de Filosofía y Humanidades de la Universidad de Chile, supported by IIPSS. The first session will be on Monday 27th of July at 4pm, with the philosopher Judith Butler who will…

Seminar: Experimenting on Future Children: Responsible Innovation in Human Reproductive Technologies

El martes 10 de marzo la Profesora Catherine Mills presentó su investigación “Experimenting on future children: Responsible innovation in human reproductive technologies” (Experimentando en niños/as futuros: Innovación responsable en tecnologías reproductivas humanas) en la Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad de Chile

II International Conference of Critical Theory “Revolts, neoliberalism and violence”

Three weeks after the social outbreak, the IIPSS together with other organizations held the second version of the International Conference on Critical Theory, the biennial international colloquium of critical theory in Chile. Due to the scene of protests and social mobilizations that have occurred in Chile in recent months, this event was a space for reflection and debate around “Revolts, neoliberalism and violence”. On this occasion, international guests participated such…

Symposium on democracy and inequalities will take place in Berlin

Symposium on democracy and inequalities will take place in Berlin At the Ibero-American Institute, on February 13, the Symposium ‘The Challenges of Chile: Democracy and Inequality’ will take place. This instance will open a dialogue on the analysis of public protest, social movements, social coexistence and democracy in contemporary Chile. For the occasion, Dr. Hernán Cuevas Valenzuela, president of the International Institute for Philosophy and Social Studies (IIPSS) and professor…

Third seminar of pluralism and media in Chile

Third seminar on pluralism and media in Chile On October 25 the third seminar on pluralism and media in Chile organized by the Universidad Alberto Hurtado and the Universidad Mayor took place. In this occasion, focused on the challenges for the democratization of communications in the country, IIPSS researchers, Nicolás del Valle and Bastián González-Bustamante, presented a working progress research paper entitled “Media pluralism and public opinion in digital written…