Call for Internships and Professional Training at IIPSS

Are you an undergraduate student looking for a place to do your professional internship? Are you a recent graduate interested in volunteering to learn about how an organization dedicated to research, education, and public policy advisory works? The International Institute for Philosophy and Social Studies is opening its call for internships and professional practices for 2024. The International Institute of Philosophy and Social Studies, based in Santiago, Chile, is pleased…

Call for papers Pléyade Magazine Nº 33

From the Sociology of Culture to Cultural Sociology: Theoretical Drifts, Experimental Methodologies, and Critical Interventions Since its beginnings as a discipline, sociology has thematized the concept of culture. While some theoretical currents have considered it an exhausted concept for interpreting social phenomena, others have incorporated it as a key vector for deciphering the transformations of modern society. Although the words society and culture have a common etymological origin – Latin…

Call for papers Pléyade Magazine Nº 34

Miscellaneous Pléyade. Revista de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales’s issue 34 is receiving articles that, from disciplinary or interdisciplinary perspectives hosted on social sciences and humanities, allow us to advance analytic, critical and purposeful orientations about social, cultural and intellectual phenomena of national, regional, and global significance and interest. Due to the issue’s thematic plurality, the selection criteria are based on the proposals’ quality and conceptual and/or methodological rigor. The proposals…

London Conference in Critical Thought 2017

The sixth annual London Conference in Critical Thought (LCCT), hosted by the School of Law and Social Sciences at London South Bank University, will offer a space for an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas for scholars who work with critical traditions and concerns. It aims to provide opportunities for those who frequently find themselves at the margins of their department or discipline to engage with other scholars who share theoretical approaches and interests.

Philosophical Perspectives on Critical Psychiatry: Challenges and Opportunities

29th Annual Meeting: Philosophical Perspectives on Critical Psychiatry: Challenges and
Opportunities, May 20-21, 2017

Call for Abstracts

Association for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry
San Diego, California

Critical Psychiatry is a wide-ranging movement that encompasses a highly varied, and possibly incommensurable, array of concepts, concerns, and activities.

Material and Concepts: working methods and theoretical relations of Walter Benjamin

Call for Papers. This workshop is interested in the relation between Benjamin’s work with different kinds of material and its conceptual articulation. The point of departure will be Benjamin’s working notes dealing with sociohistorical and political topics. Deadline: 1 October, 2016. The workshop will combine lectures (followed by Q&A) with a collective working method.

Otherwise than Political

Otherwise than political will bring together gather essays that explore the possibility that “politicity” may well exceed traditional political frameworks and resist being captured by current political forms. We seek work that lays bare claims that cannot be translated as links within a populist chain of equivalent demands, bodies that cannot be particularized and thus identified, actions that showcase the limits of our concept of political action.

Republicanism and Agonistic Democratic Theory

Call for Papers Pléyade. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences ISSN 0718-655x / e-ISSN 0719-3696 Nº 20 July-December, 2017 Special Edition “Republicanism and Agonistic Democratic Theory” In recent decades, various theories have challenged what appears to be a hegemonic dominance of liberalism in at least three directions: economic, legal and the political dimension of the community. Among these, two stand out for the extent of their criticism.