Micro-biographies and memory studies in Chile: Methodological observations from the social research

(31.07.17). The article “Microbiografías y estudios de memoria en Chile: Observaciones metodológicas desde la investigación social”, written by Damián Gálvez González and Nicolás Del Valle, was published by Cultura, Hombre, Sociedad, Vol. 27, n. 1 (2017): páginas 159-181  DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.7770/cuhso-V27N1-art1091  This article introduces the micro-biography as a research technique for the study of social memory. Based on methodological observations made in a study of human rights violations in the town of Paine,…

Research Member published an article in Chungará, Journal of Chilean Anthropology

The text written in coauthorship with members of the Group of Research in the Social Sciences and Economics (GICSEC), exposes the results of a qualitative and exploratory study about the agrarian transformations and the water conflicts that have emerged in the last three decades between localities historically agricultural and large mining companies in northern Chile.