(31.07.17). The article “Microbiografías y estudios de memoria en Chile: Observaciones metodológicas desde la investigación social”, written by Damián Gálvez González and Nicolás Del Valle, was published by Cultura, Hombre, Sociedad, Vol. 27, n. 1 (2017): páginas 159-181  DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.7770/cuhso-V27N1-art1091 

This article introduces the micro-biography as a research technique for the study of social memory. Based on methodological observations made in a study of human rights violations in the town of Paine, the authors identify the micro-biography as part of the qualitative method and biographical approach to empirical social sciences. Finally, a use of this research technique is developed for application in the study of memory in Chile.