Projects for 2016 of Latitudes

The projects for 2016 of Latitudes, the Latin American Research Group from Australia, are now available online, including the recordings of events carried out in the first semester, the launch of a new book and a project of digital archives. Seminars “Media Monopolies and political power in Latin America: The Argentine Case” and “Public Forum: political crisis in Brazil”. Also, new books on historical memory in South America.

Material and Concepts: working methods and theoretical relations of Walter Benjamin

Call for Papers. This workshop is interested in the relation between Benjamin’s work with different kinds of material and its conceptual articulation. The point of departure will be Benjamin’s working notes dealing with sociohistorical and political topics. Deadline: 1 October, 2016. The workshop will combine lectures (followed by Q&A) with a collective working method.

Otherwise than Political

Otherwise than political will bring together gather essays that explore the possibility that “politicity” may well exceed traditional political frameworks and resist being captured by current political forms. We seek work that lays bare claims that cannot be translated as links within a populist chain of equivalent demands, bodies that cannot be particularized and thus identified, actions that showcase the limits of our concept of political action.

Research Member published an article in Chungará, Journal of Chilean Anthropology

The text written in coauthorship with members of the Group of Research in the Social Sciences and Economics (GICSEC), exposes the results of a qualitative and exploratory study about the agrarian transformations and the water conflicts that have emerged in the last three decades between localities historically agricultural and large mining companies in northern Chile.

La actualidad de la crítica. Ensayos sobre la Escuela de Frankfurt (2015)

Libro Nicolás Del Valle

Nicolás del Valle Orellana, editor. Critical theory is the theoretical project that began with the Frankfurt School, one of the most important German intellectual traditions of the twentieth century. This volume is on the discussions of the first three phases of the Frankfurt School. History, art, nature, law, justice, domination, public sphere and social rights are addressed in this book.