Valeria Campos publishes a new book on a philosophical analysis of eating

The philosopher Valeria Campos, a researcher at the International Institute of Philosophy and Social Studies, invites us to question ourselves in her book “Pensar/Comer”, one of humans’ most habitual exercises, which is eating. In her proposal, she addresses one of the ways in the history of philosophy in which eating ceases to be a parasitic theme or the object of a proto-philosophy to become the centre of thinking itself, even…

Materialism and Criticism: A study to understand critique today

At a time when critical thinking is co-opted by neoliberalism, it is urgent to ask: What is critique today? What lessons can we draw from the formative process of the Frankfurt School? How can a review of early writings help us answer the question of the role of theory in social change? With these questions, the philosopher Nicolás del Valle sets out to study the work of the German philosophers…

Without East nor West, where do we stand to understand Afghanistan’s crisis? Interview with Rodrigo Karmy.

Entrevista a Rodrigo Karmy

To talk about the Afghanistan crisis and try to understand what is happening today in the Middle East is quite complex but with the perspective of Rodrigo Karmy, the Universidad de Chile PhD in Philosophy, professor at the Centre for Arab Studies at the same university and researcher at the IIPSS. It is easier, not only because of his background, but also because of his invitation to question everything and to look beyond the East-West axis. But how would that look like?

Material and Concepts: working methods and theoretical relations of Walter Benjamin

Call for Papers. This workshop is interested in the relation between Benjamin’s work with different kinds of material and its conceptual articulation. The point of departure will be Benjamin’s working notes dealing with sociohistorical and political topics. Deadline: 1 October, 2016. The workshop will combine lectures (followed by Q&A) with a collective working method.

Escritos bárbaros. Ensayos sobre razón imperial y mundo árabe contemporáneo (2016)

Escritos bárbaros. Ensayos sobre razón imperial y mundo árabe contemporáneo Lom editores: Santiago of Chile Rodrigo Karmy Bolton Escritos bárbaros. Ensayos sobre razón imperial y mundo árabe contemporáneo constituye un conjunto de ensayos acerca de nuestro presente. Su cometido es simple: interrogarnos sobre cómo hemos llegado a ser lo que somos. Si bien su reflexión se enfoca en el “mundo árabe”, este constituye un crisol desde el cual contemplar nuestra actualidad.…